We've Got a New Puppy!

The Daddy: Ch. Windrift's Just My "Style"
Owners: Rick & Debbi French
The Mommy: Chantelle "Bristol" Cream
Owner: Gloria Miller

Here you'll find pictures of our new Golden Retriever puppy! We don't know which one she is yet - and it's too hard to tell them all apart in their earlier pictures. So here are pictures of all eight! You can see the daddy, Style, at this web site.   Genevieve came home on Saturday, June 17th (see pictures from 8 weeks old).

The Puppies! (4 boys and 4 girls)

See puppies at 5 Days Old
Puppies at 12 Days Old

Puppies at 19 Days Old
Puppies at 26 Days Old

Puppies at 33 Days Old
Puppies at 40 Days Old

Puppies at 47 Days Old
Puppies at almost 8 weeks old

Genevieve from 8 to 9 weeks old
Genevieve from 9 to 11 weeks old

Genevieve from 11 to 13 weeks old
Genevieve from 13 to 15 weeks old

Genevieve from 15 to 20 weeks old
Genevieve from 5 to 6 months old

Genevieve from 7 to 8 months old
Genevieve from 8 to 11 months old

See Genevieve's Summer 2001
See Genevieve's Fall and Winter 2001

See Genevieve's Summer 2002
See Genevieve's Late Summer 2002
See Genevieve in 2003
See Genevieve in 2004

Stay tuned: More pictures of Genevieve as she grows up!

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