Genevieve's Summer 2001

In these pictures, Genevieve just turned one year old and gets to enjoy another summer.
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Happy Birthday to Genevieve... Now you can blow out your peanut-butter kibble-cake candle!

Just taste that spring air! Sometimes I like to be a sailor pup.

Sometimes waves are scary... But then I want to go back out because they are also fun!

Sometimes I have a big tongue.

Summer is great for getting wet. I even get to sun on the beach in Santa Barbara.

I also got ot watch a parade with horses there. And eat doggy ice-cream. Yum yum!

Summer is also great for picnics. I like picnics.

Whew, what a long day! I don't think I'm supposed to be eating this plastic container...

But I am allowed to play Soccer... And Basketball.

I have fun swimming in the Puget Sound. But it always requires a lot of shaking afterwards.

Grandma has some big horses that are sometimes nice... And sometimes want to chase me!

This tongue knows no end. Retrievers always have a golden lining.

Genevieve's favorite pose.

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