Genevieve (9 to 11 weeks)

These pictures start at just after her 9 week birthday, and end just before she turned 11 weeks. And in that time, she went from about 14 pounds to 18 pounds! She has also learned to come when called (OK, about half the time anyway), to Sit, Stay, and even to give out her paw ("Shake").
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My favorite thing... to chew on sticks!

Posing pretty ...for the camera

A very

"You're getting sleeeeepy...." Cameo


Sometimes... I like to stop and smell flowers.

And other times, run away! Or hide behind leaves.

Can you find the puppy?

Why does Genevieve have a pink barrett in her hair? Why?

This puppy was playing in the mud! So she goes in her play pen until it's time for her bath.

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