Genevieve (8 to 9 weeks old)

When we first brought her home a week ago, she could hardly get her mouth around her toys, and now she has to pull out each and every toy of hers to show us.

And, Oh my!!! We didn't realize how much of a fur ball with teeth this critter was going to be! But we still love her anyway. Ouch!!! She just bit my toe!!!

We're all getting adjusted to our new schedules (both us and the puppy). Genevieve seems to always be doing one of three things: Sleeping, Chewing, or Pottying. Unfortunately, she sometimes forgets that the latter should be done outside only!

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This is Genevieve's favorite toy! Her new pink squeeky jack-thing.

Here we see her chewing on her "NO!" shake-can. She just learned to pick up her red bouncy ball!

And often times resembles a kitten while she is playing with it. She also loves engaging in staring contests with her toys. Sometimes the toy wins.

Get that...
... slippery ...

... ice cube!

She likes to sleep with a pillow... And sometimes without one.

Here she wishes she was chewing on someone, but those mean parents of her's wouldn't let her. Did I mention she loves ice cubes?
Wherever it's coolest, that's where she sleeps.

Time to go out to the car - we're off to visit lots of Mommy's friends at Microsoft this morning. Maybe we can sneak her into the building if she's in this shopping bag.

Fearless Genevieve chasing a giant beach ball around and around the yard. Sometimes though, she gets this crazy look!

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