Puppies at almost 8 weeks old

We got to bring Genevieve home today!!! Many of other puppies got to go home today as well.

The new pupil was ever
so helpful and clever
The dog loved biscuits, milk, and beef
And they named it Genevieve.

    - Lugwig Bemelmans, Madeline's Rescue

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Bristol must say goodbye now. Are these puppies or wooly lambs???

Super-Puppy! Super-Sleepy-Puppy!

Puppies just got
a bath!

Cardboard tastes good? Good afternoon!

Welcome to your new home!

It was hot today... ..but this tongue helps keep me cool!

We spent our first day playing in the backyard

And after a very long time I finally caught that ice cube!

Watch for more pictures of me as I grow up!

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