View from atop Edinburgh Castle

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This panorama was created using Photoshop CS3's updated Photomerge tool.  Twenty source images at 2848 x 4288 pixels each were automatically assembled, lens adjusted, and exposure adjusted to create the panorama.  The resultant photo would normally be 56MB in size, so to view it here I exported to Zoomify, which is also a new feature in Photoshop CS3.  You can pan around by clicking, and zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel (or use the zoom controls above) to get a lot more detail anywhere in this image.  You may have to wait just a bit as the new data loads and the image clears up.

Please enable or allow "Java" to see this view (there may be a bar at the top of this page which will allow showing this active content... if so, click it and choose "Allow Blocked Content"). Also, be patient since this is a very high resolution view and could take some time to download.

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