These pictures were all taken between November 19th - 24th, 1999.
Click on any of the pictures to get the original Kodak DC265 images.

At the Reál Alcázar Palace. Close-up of Moorish style details. View of Sevilla Cathedral's La Giralda tower from the Palace gardens.
Terra-Cotta Garden dividing fence at the Reál Alcázar. Dry fountain in the Palace gardens. A grand gallery in the Museo de Bellas Artes.
Casa de Pilatos - a house built in the style of Pontius Pilate's house in Jerusalem. Cute statue playing with the water fountain in the Jardín Chico. I'm not sure what this guy's problem was.
A Family Crest in tile at Casa de Pilatos. A two-millenium old tile floor at Italica featuring the days of the week.
On Sundays there's a pet extravaganza in the Plaza del Alfalfa! There were many crates of puppies for sale. Not only puppies, but kittens, birds, and even chipmonks!
Horse carraiges awaiting turists outside La Giralda. View of La Giralda tower from the cathedral's garden court.
One of the many stained glass windows in the cathedral's chapels. I found this guy crawling around the outside of the cathedral.
A side entrance to Sevilla's Cathedral It's quite spacious in there! An elaborate chapel inside.
We went to a Flamenco show at Los Gallos one evening. On the way back from Italica (seen in the background) we found someone walking their goats.
Unfortunately for this guy, he lost the bull fight (Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza) The Plaza de España in the Parque María Luisa.
School children playing while on a field trip (Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares in the background) Sometimes the doves can get out of hand! (Parque María Luisa)
Spitting Frogs! In the Parque María Luisa. I've never seen so much Nativity paraphernalia in my life! Dozens of booths were set up for the Christmas season.
The "Tower of Gold" at sunset. The Queen Isabella II bridge to Triana.
On our last day we went to Triana - Azulejo (tile) city! Sevilla Cathedral and the La Giralda tower at night. The front of our Hotel - La Taberna del Alabardero.

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