These pictures were taken between August 21st and August 25th, 1999. Click on any of the pictures to get the original Kodak DC260 images.

We had a rough start from Victoria with very choppy waters. Here we are finally getting into Port on the East side of Victoria.
The next morning in East Victoria was beautiful! The waters were much smoother the rest of the trip. We sailed up to Sidney Spit the that day, and spent some time on the island. A little dry in late August.
Here's our boat later that evening off the coast of Sidney Spit Island. And we had a beautiful sunset that evening, followed by hundreds of stars, and even a shooting star or two.
The next day we saw some Orca whales (just after finishing some Yoga on another island). One of them even went right past us under the bow of our boat! We had a good wind the next day and did plenty of sailing. Notice the funny saucer-shaped clouds!
Now it's a couple days later and we are on Portland island. The rest of these pictures were all taken on this beautiful island. This is a picture-postcard scene looking north featuring the silhouette of a native Madrona (Arbutus) tree.
The path winding through a thicket of pine trees. Lots of sticks! On the Southwest side of the island. Driftwood central.
It was low tide on a full moon, and many sea creatures were out of their element! From Portland island.

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