These pictures were all taken between March 10th - 13th, 2000. Even though it was overcast and gray much of the time (and all the grass was brown, and many of the trees were still hibernating since it's not quite spring yet) the gardens were still quite beautiful this time of year.

Click on any of the pictures to get the original Kodak DC265 images.

A plum tree in blossom at Yoshino Bai Go in Ome city, Tokyo. It's like a fairy-land here!

Octopus on a Stick anyone? Can you believe it? I go from Seattle all the way to Tokyo just to find Eddie Bauer!

Imperial Palace gardens At this time of year, not much is blooming...

But the bare branches create beautiful visual textures! Palace Garden Pond (with 'goldfish')

Yellow! In Hibiya-koen Park. Some children feeding the birds.

Crane fountain in Hibiya-koen Park. Late sunday we visited the Shinjuku-gyoen gardens.

These are the weirdest trees you ever saw. More Blossoms!!!

Can you spot the kitty? Park closes early, so we all have to leave now.

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