Here are some examples of some 3D recordings

These recordings were made with binaural microphones. The examples are best listened to through stereo headphones to get the full spatial presence of the sounds.

A Thunder Roll 439K
Recorded April 17, 2001 in Duvall, Washington.

Bees Buzzing All Over! 957K
Recorded June, 1999 in my backyard.

A Creek Bubbling By 1.9MB
Recorded June 21, 1999 in the western Cascade foothills.

Morning Birds 550K
Recorded June 21, 1999 in Duvall, Washington.

Afternoon Birds 1MB
Recorded June 21, 1999 in Duvall, Washington.

Ocean Waves 1.5MB
Recorded in September, 1999 in the Canadian San Juans.

Frogs 1.2MB
Recorded April 19, 2001 across the street from my house at my neighbor's fountain.

Being David 1.9MB
Now you can experience in full 3D what it sounds like to actually be David Johnston, one of the programmers of Cool Edit.

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