These These pictures were all taken the night of July 26th-27th, 2004 in Duvall, Washington.
Click on any of the pictures to see the larger Nikon D1x images.

The image above is a panoramic from six photos.  The sodium-lamp orange you see is from the Monroe prison, and the clouds to the left are reflecting light from the town of Everett.

At 10:30, I noticed some light to the north, behind our house. I drove out to the North end of town by 11:00, while the electric field was only at 157 Gigawatts.

These swirls trace their path over a 10-second period. Lots of green...

At midnight, this 'twister' appeared to the East of our house.  This was when the storm was at one of its peaks at 480 Gigawatts.  Then it merged with a patch to the West to create a thin solid beam of light across the entire sky.

A few hours later, things turned more to the blues and purples (which looked an "electric-white" to the naked eye) And more rays! That bright spot on the lower-right is Venus.

Stay Tuned as I add more images!!!

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